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Problems connecting to silent1


Hey, I'm having the following problem:


When i try to connect to silent1 i get the 'awaiting connection' message including the counter etc..

But i can connect to HC without any problems.


I have searched the forums for a solution already, but none fixed it for me.

I have tried the following:


- Delete entire silent map

- Delete silent-0.8.1.pk3 and download the fresh 0.8.1. version from this topic: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/55833-cannot-connect-to-hardcore-server/?hl=%2Bawaiting+%2Bgamestate+%2Bcant+%2Bconnect

- Ran pk3 cleaner


To run ET is use the following:

- I use TrackbaseMinimizer to connect to ET via trackbase site.

- I run ET as an admin.



If someone could help me, i would be very thankful!

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Try using XFire to open ET. Or try just opening it with icon in ET folder. then /connect silent1.clan-fa.com:27960 in console


EDIT: By this I mean dont use trackbase minimizer. Try something else.

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So yesterday evening i couldn't test this anymore as i had to work, but today everything works fine again.

Strange... but i'm happy i can play on silent1 again. Anyway thanks anti for the fast reply.


So: Problem is fixed (but i have no clue how)

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