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[Solved] window 7 & punkbuster problem


hello! ETholics!


i ve got a connection problem and i searched for this one but couldn't find solution.


i installed newly ET on my Window 7 OS system to update my PB GUID number. but as soon as i connect to F|A jaymod server #1, PB kicked me with message of "Communication Failure : PnkBstrA.exe".


i updated punkbuster 3.4 without any script (i don't use or set script at all but basic preference in ET option)


what should i do?


ps) omg! i chose the wrong board to ask a question. if admin see my topic, plz move this one to ET support board. i thought i can delete my topic. :-(

Thank u in advance.


Problem Solved)


I followed the instruction of -=Medic=- but I got another problem. there was no PnkbrstrA or PnkburstB in the System Service list.


I thought things may be different in ET with in COD4.


So I copied and pasted PnkbrstrA.exe and PnkbrstrB.exe from my another computer in which window XP and ET are installed


to System32 in Window 7 and then did the same job as one in the instruction.


But it didn't work. :-( There was still "Communication failure : PnkbrsterA" Error.


I thought again and again. AT Last I found my mistake. :-)


I had to check both ET.exe and ETDED.exe "Run this program as Administrator" option ON


in their properties as well as ET.lnk in my desktop screen.


I was really in the stew whenever I connected to the server. :-) but now I am happy to be able to play ET without any error or being kicked by PB.


Thank u for yer info, Medic!

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