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Syne Ayako

Black Screen


Hi everyone,
I'm posting this topic because I have a friend who would like to play Wolfenstein,

I gave him the download links but it has a problem a little annoying.
The game is installed and when you click on the icon, the console opens, the screen turns gray and then black.
The background music is present, but no video. Do you know how to solve the problem?
It has a laptop with a screen 16/9 type: 1600x900.
Its operating system is Window 8 (I think that's the problem).

Noted that I reinstalled the game and made ​​a vid_restart.
I started the game in compatibility mode and admnisitrateur but nothing happens again.
The only thing I saw change was the introduction of the game but then still nothing.
I create a CFG with controls but apparently it does not work.
There is just because the video actually means move the mouse buttons and I can manipulate the console blind.
It's not the constrats.

Thank's you all !

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Can you post his laptop specifications.

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It's not Win 8 fault, cause im using also Win8 and it's working perfectly. Try to run as adminstrator :)

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