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Ken's top.....

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Ken's top reason for not rear-end his fiancé's car....


1. Ken went to school for Property and Casualty insurance, specializing in fraud and investigation.

2. When trying to "bribe" your way out of an car accident, don't say it on a phone thats being recorded. 

3. Don't threaten to bring your "father", for one, I already have the cops and an investigator from the Insurance Board of Canada on the way, 2 doesn't really scare me that much, and 3 why?

4. Just because the weathers bad doesn't mean you can blame GOD. GOD didn't make you drive poorly, own up to your mistakes and get on with your life.

5. The excuse, "Can you just let it slide?". Well no, you see love cars are expensive, I cant afford to "just let it slide", you cause $1000+ damage to a car, do you want me to write you a cheque for taking up your precious time?

6. Yelling, screaming and crying don't work, just makes me more pissed at you.

**EDIT 1**

7. You made my fiancé cry, although not hard to do, now I got to deal with a crying fiancé.




Well thats about it for now, might add more later. Need to go blow some steam off in COD.

For the record everyone is physically fine just damaged property that can be fixed. 

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