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First if u don't know what scammer means check here for more info i'll post here some infos about it. http://forums.steamrep.com/pages/faq/

  • SCAMMER - You were found to be guilty of one or many of the following:
  • Trading with known scammers (see below)
  • Charge-back or Reversal
  • Quick-switching items
  • Receiving the item and not paying
  • Providing or soliciting fake reputation claims ("fake rep")
  • Using fake middleman
  • Impersonating with intent to scam or abuse reputation
  • Spycrabbing and then not paying
  • Accomplice to a scammer (ignorance is not an excuse)
  • Brokering (selling on behalf of) scammers and scammed items
  • Hijacking or hacking other traders (also includes phishing)
  • Alternate account of a tagged scammer
  • Falsifying evidence to SteamRep
  • Using game or Steam exploits to profit on trades
  • Anything that is deemed as deceptive or fraudulent trade activity by SteamRep admins


    Scammers always come up with new ways to scam. Simple rule: DON'T STEAL. DON'T AID IN STEALING.

Important enable see urls steam. [steam] Display Steam URL bar

If you don't want Steam to be automatically launched at Windows startup:

  • Click on Steam Menu > Settings > Interface
  • Check " Display Steam URL address bar when available"


get it from http://en.kioskea.ne...y-steam-url-bar


I advise you to check all historical items, worth more than 4 ref.


how u can check it?:


when chatting with person r offering something for you, click in name of that person and select open steam profile, and profile opens with steam id of that person, steam id 64 is like this 76561198036088230

now open your browser and past steam id 64 after id/


and bp from your tarder opens, if that bp is private, that important reason this guy is a scammer and that item offered by him have big chance was scammed from other person.


if u can c items click that item and select check history, and check if any old owner have any tag added from SR.


Another advice is when trading never check box and click in ready fast, check box wait a seconds then ready, the most practice used for scammers is fast remove using tools or manual, he can remove item offered seconds before u get check box and how steam have big issue with connection, the delay can show a item was removed.


More doubts or suggestion reply and we add here. smile.png happy trading.

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