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Can`t minimize ET's window


I got a problem since i installed Win 7, when im playing if i want to minimize ET window to watch another program open, i cant; minimize button does not work.


I do the next: alt+ctrl+supr-->start the network administrator tasks-->select et program-->click on right button and select minimize-->DOESNT WORK.


I dont know if it maybe due to an incompatibility between ET and win 7; ET program is running as administrator and compatibility with win xp.


Ps: only i have this problem with ET, with others games or programs, it works perfectly.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Try using this: http://fearless-assassins.com/index.php?app=links&module=links&section=categories&do=view&cid=1


Run it as administrator of course. It should be Windows7 compatible.


It works !! :yahoo


I didnt know how this program works, just google search and found a forum where they explain how it works, for if it happens to someone else who knows how to make it work:


'I noticed some people don't have ET minimizer. It's a programm which minimizes ET if you want to do something in windows and you don't have to disconnect from the game.

It's a very simple one... just press alt-z to minimize and alt-z to maximize again.'


Thank u very much Terror Time :)


i prefer ET minimizer program :>

easier to just press exsample ctrl + i ^^ :D


Its the same program; anyways, thx Flow :)

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