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Install problem pk3 cleaner




I have a problem with installing the pk3 cleaner! When i press install, the progress with completely disappear.

Someone knows how to fix this? because i have a annoying 'lag' on ET..


Thx in advance.

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I think if you click on pk3 cleaner it runs the program and then closes. ET folder should have less packs now. Have used it once (and prefer manual deletion anyways myself).

Do you happen to have antivirus\firewall? Do you use WIFI? Have you tried running winMTR? Follow those instructions so we can help you more http://fearless-assassins.com/forum-11/announcement-9-how-to-recognize-your-lag/

Some commands to try: \com_maxfps 60, \cl_maxpackets 60, \rate 32000, \com_hunkmegs 128 in console. Console opens with tilde button "~". You can raise the values according your PC specs.

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