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 Above link to the US army's D-Day page. 

Thank you to all that have served and serve today, But today is a forever reserved in history as a testament of the bravery and endurance of the human mind,body and soul. I had two relatives that took part in the D-Day landings, a Grandfather and a Great uncle, who only talked about the experience in their later years and with the belief that love carried that battle though to victory , love for your brothers in arms, love of country, family and life. I won't go into detail of the things I was told happened(  but recorded in family documents for the next generations to learn from ) These men will never be forgotten, It has been said they were the greatest generation, I feel that is true but not the last great generation, It is up to us all to live up to that legacy and make sure the evil they fought( and many died) to rid the world of is never seen again. 

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My father was in D-Day in a tank battalion and a great uncle.  We lost Uncle "Red" on June 6th, 1944 on Omaha Beach.  My father made it through the

war with some wounds and injuries but he did make it back home.

There will never be guys like that again.  Bless them all.

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Can you imagine having to charge up Omaha beach under fire. I cant,

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