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How to install The Hidden

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Hey people! Me and Baska started to play The Hidden last night and we think it would be more fun to play with lots of other players!



So the first thing you need to have is Steam and a game with the source engine. (Half life 2, CSS, Teamfortress 2 or any other game with that engine)


Now open steam and go to Library -> Tools -> Source SDK base 2007



When its done, go to this site and press download to download HSB4b-full.exe


Now locate your steam folder and open steamapps and then SourceMods (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods)


Extract HSB4b-full and put the folder called "hidden" in the SourceMods folder and you are done.


When i installed it for Baska, she didnt have any game with the source engine but she could still download Source SDK base 2007. So it may happen that you dont need any game with the source engine to be able to play it - just Source SDK base 2007.


EDIT: After some of the members have installed it, i have noticed that you DON'T need any source based game. Just Source SDK Base 2006 and/or Source SDK base 2007

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