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Happy Easter to All

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I'm wishing a Happy Easter Sunday to Everyone!


Lately, I have been shown again, that there is a God, and that I am loved and cared for by a power much higher than anything I could hope to express.


Me and my family have been having a very hard time for quite a while (months) and we have been faced with many daunting challenges that we must overcome. We have been praying very hard as our options and choices have been limited (to say the least), and we have been praying and working very hard to make the right decisions to move us out of rougher waters. Over the last couple days, we have recieved some very encourageing news.


1. I found a good job, as a yacht cabinet-maker, at a local yacht builing company, that pays near what I used to make before the lay-off.

[bACK STORY] I lost my job (after nine and a half years of faithful and productive service) as the department supervisor of the woodworking department of a local world-class yacht buiding company due to crappy (non-existant) sales.


2.  The lump in my wifes breast has been diagnosed as benign (not breast cancer), which,

[bACK STORY] since her mother had to have double masectomy to get rid of it, and her grandmother died of it, is a monumental relief.


3.  In additon to that, despite our crappy credit profile, we have found 2 very good options for a new rental home for us, both of which will allow our pets, and have plenty of room for all us us to have a bedroom, store our stuff, and still be fairly affordable. AND, our property manager is letting our deposits and application roll-over into the new rental, which will by-pass the usual credit check and application fees.

[bACK STORY] Due to the crappy economy, and an  accidental fall which forced emergency historectomy, we were forced to short sell of home to avoid forecloseure by the bank. And, after a recent lay-off,  we were forced to claim chapter 13 bankruptcy (to alieveiate a mountain of un-payable bills and debt).

Therefore, we are almost untouchable as renters, because of crappy credit and because we are pet owners. We live in a rental market that is very hot, competetive, and pricey. Just in the last week; we had one possible new rental get taken out from under us due to an owner back-dooring both our property manager and us in a shady side deal, 2 promising rentals disappeared(were taken) the day after they were first posted, and another was ruled out due to an ancient oil heater issue that the owner was hiding. we have a family of four, 2 pets, and a fair amont of storage stuff including a bunch of my woodworking tools. most rentals won't even consider allowing pets, much less a dog and a cat. But, in the past when we gave away the pets to get a rental, my youngest daughter's health and spirits declined badly, so we don't wanna do that again.

Because of our severe need of money to accomplish a move, which brings many added costs to our already strained financial outlook, I have been working extra hard for every second at my new job, trying to secure my position and impress my superiors. And, just when we need it the most, along comes the decision by my bosses, that we need to work overtime to get back on schedule, so I'm earning time and a half working 50-60 hours a week at work. On top of that, my cousin, a local realty industry businessman, has offered to give me some side-work, fixing up his house to go on the market. All of which, although very physically and mentally hard on me, is happening at exactly the perfect time to help us get moved into our new home in the coming month or two.


So, I am feeling unusaully thankful and humbled lately. And, wouldn't you know it, it just happenes to be Easter. the day we celebrate and give thanks to Jesus for sacrificing himself on the cross to forgive our failures and allow us to enter the paradise of His Kingdom when we leave this life. I would be a liar and a coward if I failed to witness to you the blessings I have been given and to share with you the inner joy I feel at knowing without equivication, that Jesus is alive in Heaven and is still, at this very moment, sheparding his flock. I sincerely hope that anyone who does not yet know what I know, will seek out some christian fellowship, so you can feel what I am feeling right now.


Yea, tho I walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death,

I fear no evil

for the Lord is with me..........


with Love and Best Wishes, Michael Scott, a.k.a. =F|A=soulJAHmon

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Very happy for you!

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Thanks for that, it was very uplifting. Happy things are turning around.

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Thank for you, Happy hoilday you too. it's time to get play B)

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