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Ol Smoke

Another memory lane Google Earth photo set...

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This first picture is of me and my sister when I was in the 2nd/3rd grade.  This is in Montague, Calif.  We had just got those skates.





This is a picture of that same house in 2006, via Google earth. I almost jumped off the second story roof one time, with a bedsheet,

thinking I could parachute down. I had seen it done in a movie we saw the Saturday before. Luckily, my brother stopped me.





This one is the same town but a year later and a different house outside of town.  I am on the sled.  My brother is pulling the sled.





This is the house as it is today.  You will notice the driveway is almost the same.  We sledded off that hill in

the background.  My brother shot a passing Goose off of it one day.





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