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25 Quick Linux Command Line Tips - Part 5

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As root, issue the CLI command


101. How to have a stop watch scenario from command line terminal?


# time cat


Press Ctrl+C


102. How to measure the time of executing any executable command?


# time firefox


wait 5 seconds and close the application


103. How to CD to a user's home directory?


# cd ~userhome


104. How to CD back to home folder of a currently logged in user?


# cd


105. How to CD back to previous directory?


# cd -


106. How to show all active host IP address?


# ip address


107. How to list out all your iptables rules?


# iptables -L


8. How to save your currently loaded firewall iptable rules?


# iptables-save


109. How to download a file using wget?


# wget -c "http://website.com/file.rpm"


100. How to limit your download rate with wget?


# wget --limit-rate=30k "http://vertito.com/file.rpm"


111. How to download multiple files in one shot?


# wget -c "ftp://website.com/file[1-9].iso


112. How to find windows machine with shared folders?


# findsmb


113. How to look for windows netbios name?


# nmblookup -A windows-ip-address


114. How to browse for computers like network neighborhood does?


# smbtree


115. How list folder shared by a particular windows machine?


# smbclient -L windows-machine


116. How to diplay calendar without X?


# cal

# cal -3


117. How to list out all harddisk partition?


# cat /proc/partitions

# fdisk -l


118. How to list out all mounted and labeled harddisk partition?


# mount -l


119. How to show host reboot history?


# last reboot


120. How to get CPU info?


# cat /proc/cpuinfo


121. How to show all interrupts?


# cat /proc/interrupts


122. How to show last successful login users?


# lastlog


123. How to search for a yet unknown package from web repo?


# yum search *packagemaybe*

# yum whatprovides packagemaybe


124. How to setup a shell with yum?


# yum shell


125. How to use yum locally?


# yum localinstall packagename



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