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rajaah thunder

is my lag due to network problem ?


well .. i have already posted a topic here about my lag in ubuntu .


but i recently had 2 gigs of ram installed additionally , to make 2.5 gigs of ram in total .

i do want to play et again .

but the thing is that i keep laggin a lot . the fps too seems low . [ even after i put hunkmegs as 256 .]

is there a 3d analyze for ubuntu ?



also two info needed .


Do i need to have a seperate config for ubuntu?

What values must soundmegs and zonemegs be ?



any help is appreciated.

=F|A=Rajaah Thunder


one more help . i had just now recorded a demo to show my lag . but it doesn't show up on my silent server folder . wat must i do? shd i use "sudo" ?

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oki doc ;) i am downloading wine to emulate 3d analyze ... i am hoping to get a few more fps .. atleast 50 .. what do you think ?

wine? hmm doesn't convince me

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