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So Neat! Xmas Wishes from Gaming Company

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Okay, so I thought I would share this, because it's just so cool. :)


The team at Arenanet, the ladies and gentlemen who helped make Guild Wars and Guildwars 2, sent me a Christmas Card!


At first I thought it was maybe a receipt or something, for the money I got back from them when I cancelled my account. However, to my surprise it was a neat looking card. So i opened it, and saw all these signatures and well wishing from the company. They were REAL signatures too! Not just printed out automated stuff.


Even the art on the card is custom done by one of their artists!


I don't play GW2 anymore, but I do appreciate the gesture by the company. May have to frame it and see if it's worth anything years down the road. :P













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haha nice :]



I also got a letter from a game once, but that was an invitation to be a moderator.. didn't get signatures :[ Did get a smiley hehe

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Realy nice...and not beeing a automatic letter it make it even more special :D

Gratz ;)

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