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What about a new game?

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Im on these forums for some time now and never noticed any topics, forums, or anything else about ARMA2...

I´m playing it very long and really love it. Then i was kind of disappointed, that i can´t have the same cool experience with this awesome game such as with COD4.

So i´m asking you guys : Would you like a ARMA2 community under FIA?

I´m not asking anyone to start a server right away and change the internet page, but i´asking for people that are also interested and might support me trying to build an ARMA2 community under the flag of FIA ...


thx for reading, maybe support me and have a nice day :)

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Arma II really is a niche game. Don't think there are enough people here playing it.

This can change with the dayz mod, but with the general game I don't really think it will happen..


I still don't own it to be honest (played it a lot with some friends), but I'm not going to buy it (will skip if for arma III xD)


just my 2 cents and I can be terrible wrong (would be nice if I'm wrong :P)

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