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  1. Would that be considered as glitching or can i try that on our server?
  2. Really excited for that one! Seems like the biggest zombie movie ever! (From the amount of zombies and soldieres ^^) A friend showed me the trailer and now we will watch it when it´s in theaters!
  3. I don´t actually care about the brand, but in my experience clothes from "Jack and Jones" are the ones that fit me best. I normally buy Jeans from "H&M" and get me casual sneakers from "Nike", "Adidas" or skateboard labels like "Fallen or "Lakai". Nothing very special ^^
  4. Sexier than Beyonce at the Super Bowl
  5. Just wanted to say this is the most awesome topic on the forums!!
  6. I really wanna see it but I am only 16 and in germany you can only watch it with 18 years Gotta wait until it is out on DVD so a friend can buy it for me
  7. Ajreag

    The best movie

    Totally agree with you. It is really hard to find THAT movie because there are so many good ones! By the way, all the ones you listed are awesome!!
  8. Back after 2 days without internet ^^

  9. Ajreag

    The best movie

    You are not I am sixteen and I like many of these movies!! Recently saw Django Unchained and I have to say it´s a great Tarantino movie!
  10. Challenge is done for me I can never get such a score!!

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