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Reporting of shuffle-problem on NQ3 + little question




I hope I am posting this on the right section of the forum. Have looked for a similar topic but haven't found one, so I post it here.



There seems to be a shuffle problem on the NQ3 (http://www.gametrack....9.97.40:27960/), at least that is the impression of myself and of some of the other players. When majority of the players vote for a shuffle, the shuffle takes place, but the teams are then shuffled unbalanced.This apparently only occurs when there are bots in the game. XP seems also not to be a factor in the shuffling.


Example of a result of a shuffle: 3(+5bots) v 7 (+1 bot) . And the 3 human players can range from being with very high XP to very low XP. From regular players to complete new players on the server.


Is this a known issue and can it be fixed ?



There are regularly problems with uneven (players keep joining the side with the least bots) teams on NQ3. In the past I played on some Jaymods and they had some kind of a script or something, which forced the players to join the side (axis/allies) with the most bots, or the least players. Or just to stay in spec.

Could this be implemented in NQ3 ?




With regards,



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