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[ET] Jaymod Greeting Sounds - Enemy Territory

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This guide explains how to add custom sound files to your server and how to set these sounds as the greeting sounds for jaymod version 2.1.7 +.Some of these instructions do apply to other mods or general server modding. This guide has been expanded from a ticket posted by one of our clients, feel free to contribute if you believe some items are explained poorly or are incorrect.


1) Obtain sound files that you wish to use (wav or mp3)


2) Convert these sound files to the correct format, This format is:

16 Bit 22Khz Mono - For greeting messages,


To convert these files you will need to acquire an audio converter application, the windows sound recorder does allow you to save to this format but I do not believe that it is able to open .mp3 files.


A popular and free sound editing program called "Audiacity" (search for that at Google). This program will let you import any audio file, then set the sample rate to 22khz (22050), then set the sample format to 16bit and finally set the track to MONO (all these settings should be available on the track and not in the main menu). Then you can export the file as a .wav, keep all filenames lower case to make it easier later.


3) Once you have converted all the sound files you wish to use, make a new folder called "sounds" and place all your sounds into this folder. You will need to download winrar (Google: winrar) for the next section.


4) Right click on the sounds folder, select the winrar option "Add to archive", In the archive format make sure you select ZIP, Then set the archive name to whatever you wish to call this sounds pack and then make sure that it ends in .pk3 (NOT .rar or .zip). (Changing the archive format will change the name so make sure that it still ends in .pk3 before proceeding). Then press OK to create this pk3 file.


5) Upload the pk3 file to your jaymod folder.


6) Now you can use the jaymod !levedit command to set the greeting sound for one of the sounds that you have uploaded. The name will be relative to the archive, which should be something like "sounds/sound_file.wav" where sounds represents the folder within which you put all the files before compressing, and sound_file.wav is the name of the sound file.


More information on using the jaymod !levedit command can be found in the jaymod documentation:





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