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Panzerfaust (Tactics)



# 4 pieces of ammunition

# A long time back belt tensioning capability

# Kill all within a radius of 10 feet from the projectile impact

# It can destroy vehicles (tank, truck)


The following Screen Shot should be a little lighter on the scale destruction after hitting a bullet fired from Panzerfaust:



The red field means instant death, regardless of character class, whether its HP. Pink box means that the opponent will die soon, unless it is medic with full HP, or an engineer with a vest (Flack Jacket). The orange box indicates that the enemy will not perish, but receive a lot of damage. The key to effective use of PF (abbreviated Panzerfaust), is to try to kill one enemy, not one rocket, but preferably several, or even one to kill a few heavily wounded. One shot one death - such tactics rarely gives the expected results, and usually if it's your team playing szybo asks for a change weapons or character class.

Just like every weapon, so Panzerfaust to play well, you need to train a lot. ? Easier shots are of course a short distance, where the need to aim slightly off the enemy, so as not to blow up himself. For longer distance, you have to learn to shoot in advance, ie if strefuje opposed to the right you have to shoot a rocket to the right of him, so that their paths will cross in one place and at the same time. To effectively operate panzerfaust need to have an advantage in the amount of land on his target. If you meet on the flat ground, although it's best to jump in when the shot. The ideal solution is to find places where you can climb up and surprise the enemy approaching from above. Once we have the advantage of height, it is not only targets the opponent into the ground at his feet. Remember that the radius of destruction Panzerfaust rocket is 10 feet, so the objective will still be destroyed, and the more reliable is the hit. Remember the fact that pressing the shutter button PFa is not synonymous with his firing. It will then 2-3 seconds before ignition of the rocket will be fired. The ignition can cancel at that time by pressing, one of the keys leaning (typical Q and E)!



Places where you can Panzerfaust most useful


# Hunt for a specific enemy - an engineer to fix or what is going to blow up the objective, or on the radar when someone takes our objective, well skampiony PF may be the only solution.


# Spawncamping - find themselves quite well hidden place with a majority of the site, near the enemy spawn point, if you get lucky sometimes one shot will kill the entire enemy team. Remember not to stand in front of the spawn, because then you will be stuffed before you can stretch the lead Panzer.


# Area objective - if your opponent sets a cumulative defense well around objectivu (tank, truck) well Missionary surprise Panza could open the way to it.


# Destruction of MG - sometimes it happens that GM will cut all of your branch in the trunk and stop wearing full line of attack. At that time Panzerfaust will help you. For one this, you must be very fast at first, and second before the shot you need to know where is doładnie MG. Loalizację Machine Gun you can calculate leaning around the corner (if any), or simply running out and hiding szybo. Once you know where the MG, you pull the trigger starts stretching PFA, the last time you jump and fire the rocket straight into the MG previously spotted. Even though he die, the opponent supports gun and so is not going to leave it.


# Tank, truck - Panzerfaust could also destroy vehicles. It is true that in order to destroy a tank with a total HP needed four shots, but sometimes the object already battered just one shot.


And a short video



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Nicepost but a couple of suggestions.


1. You might want to submit this a tutorial in tutorial section.

2. It seems you used a translate program for the English maybe clean that up a bit if you want to post it as a tutorial.


There nothing better than a 5 man panza :D

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