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Fix PnKBstrA.exe & PnKBstrB.exe - Punkbuster

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Credit: Fearless Assassins





This tutorial Works for all games running punkbuster



Before start with this be sure your Punkbuster is already updated, for this read and follow instructions here http://fearless-assa...ate-punkbuster/



After doing all this, and still got kicked, just restart your pc.




PnKBstrA.exe Failed Communication and got kicked from the server, How to fix it? Follow those 2 steps:






Click on Start -> Control panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Click on Services > Find PnkBstrA and then Right Click




Go To -> Log On -> Select Local System account -> Mark Allow service to interact with desktop -> Hit Apply and close all








Click on Computer -> Browse you PC and go to -> C:\Windows\System32 -> Look for PnKBstrA -> Do Right Click on PnKBstrA -> Select Properties




Go to Compatibility -> Mark Run this program as an administrator -> Hit Apply and Close all (notice you can do the same thing for PnKBstrB)




Here you, you may need to restart your PC if you ever still get the same error.




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