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Exactly every 14-16 seconds I get this little lag spike that makes me lose a few frames and gets me killed quite often. My ping is usually ~60 and it will hop up to between 120-180 and slowly back down over about 3-5 seconds after a spike happens.


I tried taking a screenshot of my lagometer, but it just pops up a gray image when trying to paste it to an image file, so I made a paint image. It looks like this:



I'm guessing it's some background software making a check every 15 seconds or so, but I'm not sure what. I've tried disabling my firewall and ip blocker, but that yields no change. Can someone guide me towards what to check next?

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I think you need to check if it's a network only problem, or not.


First check if you have a drop in fps at the same time, etpro has cg_lagometer 2 to show you fps, I don't know about other mods, but I think an equivalent that works on all mods is /timegraph 1


If you see you don't have periodical fps spikes together with your lag spikes, then you can rule out cpu usage probplems.

And then you can check your connections to see if some software is using the internet periodically.


Check if you lose packets with mtr, etc.



if you see a 'transparent' green part in your lagometer, that is antiwarp, basically the mod is preventing you from warping too much after a lag spike, that's why ping goes down slowly. (Etpro and Jaymod have this feature, I am not sure about Silent or Nq )

If it's solid green, it's not antiwarp

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