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connection probs to password prot server


I was last nite playing scim team server and no probs at all. Today I did try to connect and I could not do it. I did connect from xfire and it asked password and then opens et and shows connection screen. BUT it just keeps counting avaiting connection...1.2.3.etc.


When I try to connect directly from et folder et.exe it does not ask password at all. So I think there is from xfire it does not accept that password and some reason it does not ask it in direct et.exe launch.


I did use cleaner and no effect. restarted pc restarted et etc several times and looked et folders and files and did not find anyting strange.


I talked with hustul also and he did give idea to try -> ipaddress:27960;password xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but nothing happened. Running out of ideas


I tested other pc and it works ok... so it have to be some et file prob.



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