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Help if you know what to do :D


Hey... first what i want to say is that if this topid isnt in right place just move it..



I have a problem with an Map Editor program - GTKradiant


You see since i formated my computer my GTKRadiant doesnt show me tectures on 3d view and under there where it shows textures it shows only red ones with signs: SHADER IMAGE MISSING


If you know what to do to fix this problem please tell me

Im not so good in english, but i think that you guys understand my problem


P.S. I Want my GTK wrking cuz i make really awesome maps but since now i made only dm maps, but if i fix the problem i think im goona start doing tdm map with obj. and if its gonna be good i will suggest it on forums.... Thats why i want my GTKRadiant working :D



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I'm not a mapmaker but you should check splashdamage forum there alot of developers there

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