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suggesting map for jay3






Level info:

Objectives are not marked properly in the limbo text, but Axis

must fight their way to the top of the city, then steal the

Palantir from the Tombs behind the city, and deliver it to the

entrance of the Great Hall.





Changes from original map:

  • Changed objectives from Allies to Axis
  • Changed snow to summer
  • Removed MG Nest and added a new Tower MG
  • Allied Have an extra Spawn In The Fuel Dump Bunker
  • Axis Command Post enable an Axis Spawn in the garage
  • Axis MG Tower (near at axis command post changed position)
  • New stuffs added.




UJE_convoy.jpge.gif[uJE] Niek released the final version of his map convoy - The axis are escorting a convoy (the tank with 3 trucks) from the airport through a town to the faith factory. If they make it they get alot of faith for winning the war against the allies troops.

d.gif[uJE] Niek veröffentlicht die finale Version von seiner Map Convoy - DieAchsenmächte eskortieren einen Konvoi (den Panzer mit 3 LKWs ) vom Flugplatzdurch eine Stadt bis zur Glaubensstätte. Wenn sie es machen, bekommen sie viel"Glauben" für das Gewinnen des Krieges, gegen die Alliierten.



Axis objective:

*Escort the convoy to the factory

*Blow up 3 baricades

*Sachel the side door

*Fix commandpost


Allied objective:

*stop the axis convoy

*Build baricades

*Build the side door

*Build commandpost

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Ok, once again. Since you seem to not understand. Joker already explained it in your first topic from yesterday. >here<


-) Go to our Download Section

-) Search for the map you would want to suggest

-) If this map does not exist there yet, feel free to upload it

-) Click on Support Topics on the right side to get to a topic, which is automatically generated when the map was uploaded

-) Post that you want this map and what map you want to have replaced


Topic locked.

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