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Paranormal anyone?

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I remember visiting the old jail in Adelaide. (I love the history of old buildings) I went into the old hanging room. You see where the rope hung, the floor fell away and the room where the "hangman" stood and pulled the lever. The old cells were creepy and the rec room had unfinished paintings in them. People were buried under the path and around the corner was the "new building" which was still old, but was built a few years before the jail closed down. It was a hot 30 plus day that day, shorts and t-shirt weather. But once I walked into that room I was sooo cold I started shivering and had to leave get out straight away.


Had many encounters as a kid. We used to have a man that watched over our house. If I didnt lock my bedroom window as a child when I went to bed I would hear a tap tap tap on it. If i still didnt get out of bed and lock it, the tap would turn to a knock.... It would then start to rattle and would not stop until I got up out of bed and locked it. As soon as I did all was silent lol.

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WeetBix did you take any pictures of this old jail? I would love to see it, and I'm sure everyone else would too :D


That's so cool that you experienced a cold spot!! I never got to feel that before I'm curious if I'll be scared if it happens lol.


None of my houses had anything cool happen, they were all older homes, but nothing exciting like your story. What was the story about the old man? How did he come to watch over your house?


My mother told me a few ghost stories about her old house when she was a kid.

She lived on a street called Losson Rd, and this was back when it was still country, so there were only a few houses. There was a small powerplant near the house, and in the back corner of the powerplant is an Indian Burial mound. Now I thought this was just a fictional story from my mother, but I went to this site, and the power company builds square enclosures with fencing. Well there's a small mound, and they built the fence to avoid this mound. So it's a little weird there.. I just got... like not bad/evil feelings there.. but just not normal feelings. Like you could feel something weird.


But ok anyways...One neighbor, the husband smoked cigars, and he had a fight with his wife, and was in the car smoking a cigar, drinking, and reading a paper. He supposedly fell asleep/passed out, and died in a fire that started from the cigar.


She said from that day she would smell cigar smoke in her house, and one time a knife flew across the kitchen and knocked a cigarette out of my grandmother's mouth.


I wasn't there, so all I can do is share the story.... but I'm very sure that there is a reason the power company didn't remove this mound when they built their fence.


And being a small power plant, I would think this would have an effect on high EMF levels at her house, or maybe gave the ghost energy to draw from?


More stories from you all! Share! :D I like seeing these stories on TV, but to read them from you all makes it easier to believe that there are no TV tricks used :)

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We found out the man was a "protector" He was there to watch over us all. As a young girl I had a man take a special liking to me. He would sit out the front of our house and make notes of what times people came and went, what time my dad left for work, got home etc. (I am 1 of 6 kids) He even asked the little girl who lived next door what bedroom window was mine, So luckily the street I lived on was very protective and friendly. They all kept an eye out for him. A couple on mths later he was caught by the police. He knocked on a little girls window late one night (same age as me) and pointed at the lock asking her to unlock it. So not knowing any better she did. He slashed the fly screen with a knife and dragged her out the window. Im sure you can guess what happened to her. She was not killed, but worse happened I guess you could say. I think thats why the old man would always make me lock my window....He was watching over me :)


We used to have a little girl in our house aswell. My older sisters saw here looking into our baby brothers bassinet one day, and one night my friend saw her standing in our kitchen. She thought it was me. We found out she was a neighbours friends daughter. She lived in the house and loved it (we lived on a no through road across from an oval) But they moved to a new house across from train tracks. She got hit by a train and I guess came back to the house, and stayed because of all of us kids she could play with.... My youngest sister was friends with her and was always talking to her.

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