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Game night / event request

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So I think we should have a topic so others can put in requests and ideas for events. I figured the lounge would be the best place since it is the most general spot for conversation. If you have an idea and want to submit it do so using this format...


Game name (ie. ET, Cod4, TF2):

Event name/description (Tell us what the event consists of):

Server(which server do you want it held on):

Length of event (How long will the event be held):



This would be the easiest to keep all the ideas organized that people want to have. If an admin will volunteer to host the event they can take the info and post it on the calender so people can RSVP and attend the event. I'll start off with this...





Game: ET

Event name: Panzerwar

Server: Jay1/Jay4

Length of event: 1hour/1day

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Weve done this in the past, but only randomly when somebody wanted to.

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