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lag problem. need hlp please


Hello everyone. I joined this server yesterday and I really liked it. A+++


My problem is: while playing the game my ping changes from 110 to 220. OK this is not a good connection but it is fair. But my problem is: during playing, each 10 or 15 seconds the connection stops and repeats the last scene like 4-5 times. Then game goes again. Sometimes after a while PB kicks me with 9014 error (0 waiting time for rejoining). I made 2.60 upgrade and even other updates via EvenBalance software. I do not think that it's due to this.


I would be grateful if you can help me for this problem.



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Hi all


Vanaraud thanx for your comment. In fact it seems that it is due to that old processor. I replaced the motherboard and the processor (with an Asus board + E6600 Dual Core stuff) now no trace of that 9014 kicks. If you ask me the excess amount of patches released by EvenBalance makes PB a huge monster eating system process like new released performance games such as Crysis.


I hope that my case could be a good example for the ones who suffer the same problem. Even P4 processors may not be sufficient for that game anymore guys. Be aware of it. Imagine that before this new processor I even used GameBooster and created 42 % saving with system performance but it did not help.


By the way when I installed everything I created some problem for my second SATA HD (actually it was my primary HD before new configuration), now it is temporarily out of service and my ET key is stored there. That's why I started to play with a nick "CptJohn". No problem, after getting enough xperience for all classes it does not make any difference.


Thanx daredevil for the valuable information you gave and your patience.

Thanx Vanaraud with your post.


See you in gaming



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