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.sS*NoDownload WTF?


Hello guys and girls


I have big quastion and big problem.


I always play in FA server




and few day ago i see my nick in another server.

Still someone play me in this server




I dont know what's going on .


Few min ago i stop play in Fa server Venice. I was played all map and in splatterladder it's status ,, looking'' all map


Can someone help me with this problem ?

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Somebody is using well-known names for its bots to make server more popular. My suggestion for you is:

I assume you're playing for rating. If you want to keep it, change colors and reserve your name with color tags.


You can do the same thing at trackbase, plus you can lock your rating. So if you are not playing, just lock it and sessions won't be counted.

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thanks but is one problem.


Few years ago i was banned in splatterladder and my real nick only Corey is banned.

There i have reserved my nick with clandtag and colors

Now i can do nothing :(

I have reserved nick but i cant login becouse i see

remote_auth_usr_is_banned ET

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