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new pc need et download

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thanks but didnt work all i have is jay mod and et pub and et pub wont connect and jaymod say cant connect due to older version any other ideas im running win xp os

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Well it's easy, you have 2 choices :)


1- Install Wolfenstein ET without any patch and start playing at 2.55 server (F|A Jaymod 1 + 2 and Etpub 1 + hardcore) you don't need to install patch just install first time and start your game ...


Also to avoid any punkbuster kick Goto :

hard drive:Program FilesWolfenstein - Enemy Territorypb


under PB folder double click on "pbweb.exe" (this gonna take few minutes so let it update alone)


2- install and apply all patches so here you follow the second video this will help to install your game and play in all server

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