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What did you get for Christmas??(Question for every one)

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::Sniff-Sniff:: It's seems so much nicer living at home with parents. btw, throw that WD caviar out, or change it for SATAII300 ftw. :D

I feel your pain :/

I moved a few months ago to go to Princeton, but the rest of my family lives in Chicago :/

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i know im really late to discussion but imma post anyways.

$220 Head Amp Racquetball Racquet

$175-200 Gift Cards i forget exact ammount

Fotran Programming Book

A C++ Book (which i just won regionals in c++ today pretty happy)

Various Soccer Outfits

Varsity Jacket with all my letters on it already.

Teddy Bear From my dad in Iraq B)

Dinner for 2 at chicken kitchen !

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