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keyboard problems on linux




I use a script to toggle my fov when I hold shift, now the problem is, if I try to switch weapon (bank 2 or 3) while shift is down , on windows it works, on linux it doesn't becuse shift+2 is seen as the character with hex code 0x22, and not as shift and 2.


so I did:

bind 2 "weaponbank 2"

bind 0x22 "weaponbank 2"


in my cfg, and all is ok, it works, but for shift + 3 there is no hexadecimal code available... now I was wondering if I am being dumb, and it isn't an et problem, but shift+3 is seen as some key combination outside the game, or it's the game itself, and there's just no hope that I can make it work on linux?

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I use a fov/sens toggle in linux bound to right mouse button.


I have a weaponbank 2/weaponbank 3 toggle bound to shift. It is not something I have to hold down though, I just tap it once for pistol and once again for smg.


Maybe try a different key than shift? Caps lock perhaps.


Or maybe rewrite the toggle so you don't have to hold down shift?

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