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Fullscreen Toggle


This is mostly for Admins who constantly have several windows open or anyone who likes to multi-task while playing. This toggle will set your screen to Full screen or Small screen and back again, of course Alt/Enter does the same thing, this is just another way of doing that only with 1 button.



// Fullscreen Toggle

// Toggles between full screen and windowed view

// * set game resolution less than desktop!

// * restarts game!

// binds w



set window "set r_fullscreen 0; set togScreen vstr fullscreen; vid_restart;"

set fullscreen "set r_fullscreen 1; set togScreen vstr window;vid_restart;"

set togScreen "vstr window" // set first toggle

unbind w // make sure key unbound

bind w "vstr togScreen" // bind key to toggle



Thor! B)

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lol nice - if m pc wern't fragile i'd try this out :D


I tend to use a et minimizer though it does make my resoloution go all funny upon entering desktop

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