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Mind Eraser

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First of all you will need a few things to make the perfect Mind Eraser. I like to use Stolichnaya or Monopoluva vodka. You will need Kahlua also. As well as a splash of soda water.


1. 1oz of Vodka

2. 1/2 oz of Kahlua

3. splash of soda water


step 1: take highball glass and pour Kahlua in.

step 2: fill glass with ice

step 3: add vodka over ice

step 4: add a splash of soda water

step 5: take a straw and with it at the top of the liquid.., start sucking and slowly push the straw towards the bottom of the glass. If you poured the drink correctly it will be layered. Kahlua on bottom--vodka on top. By sucking the top of the drink first and working your way to the bottom you end up having a shot a good vodka followed by the Kahlua and you end up with a delicious coffee/cocoa after taste.



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About damn time someone wrote a tutorial around here that's in good taste.


Question, did you intent to put

step 4: ass splash of soda water
? Edited by NoGooD

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