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Need help.. How do i record during game COD for macbook pro


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I had no choice but to change Harddrive in my mac. i lose everything n now i need help on opening files and start recording again for any Hackers online or trouble players. Please if someone have the time and can help with this i be very thankful. i will fallow step by step Thnnx a lot guys...

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Should be the same as pc version ^.^


Open the console with tilde key ~ (make sure console is enabled in options...multiplayer...). ~ is under esc. Then... Type... /record   to start a recording.  Type /stoprecord   to stop a recording :) You can also make a bind... which is easier..


Open console.. type..


/bind p record    then press enter. This will make P a record button.

/bind o stoprecord   and press enter. This will make O a stoprecord button.


Now you will have one button to start a recording and one to stop. ^.^ You can change O and P to any button you want. :3

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