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How to: Universal Signature Rotator

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Hiya! Welcome to another tutorial by moi!


I should have done this a loooong time ago because of a request by our lovely resident KillerGun. Better late than never?


Today I'm appealing to my like minded signature hoes out there in forum land! If you're like me, you love signatures! They have all sorts of style on their own, and a good signature is just fun to look at! But if you're like me, you also maybe change signatures more than you change your panties!










But..., sometimes your previous signatures are really pretty... or amazing.. or maybe have sentimental value?! Or maybe you just have a hard time deciding on what one you want to display! o.O You don't want to get rid of your old siggies... but... you also want to add another one to the collection!








Well I have a solution for you! ^_^





The Universal Signature Rotator


The Universal Signature Rotator (USR for short) is a website that combines multiple signatures into a single .gif signature. With this website, you can show off any and all signatures in your collection with just a single link! Every time a webpage is loaded, the USR website will pick a signature at random and make it visible for all to see.  The only caveat... is that it is entirely random... so sometimes the same 2 signatures might load with 5 refreshes, rather than 5 different sigs. <_<  Small price to pay for keeping all of that signature goodness!


Here is my own USR signature as an example. Refresh the page to make it change! :3












How to set it up!



Before we officially start... Make sure you have your signature uploaded to a good file hosting site. Imgur.com would be my first pick just because it's one of the best hosting sites these days. :3 Alternatives are photobucket, imageshack, tinybucket, flickr, or even our own Fearless Assassins Gallery!  (If someone has made a siggy for you, then chances are they've already done this for you. ^.^)


Done? Okay! Good!





First Step: Go to http://sig.grumpybumpers.com and sign up! There is no need for an email or any personal info for USR. Just a username and password! Once you have entered both of these, press submit. Here you will confirm your password. Voila! Account is now official! ♥
















Second Step: Okay now you want to go to your image hosting site and find your signatures. These have to be direct links... and must end in a format like .jpg, .bmp, .png, or .gif. Most websites will list direct linking options. ^.^ But! Most browsers also have the option to right click an image and choose View Image, or Copy Image Location, which will get you to a direct link much faster! Once you have found the links to your siggies, start pasting them in the available slots.


Note 1:  Signatures must fit the forum standards or they won't show up properly. ^.^ For small users 600w x 130L, for full time users 600w x 140L, and for VIP and high ranking admin, 600w x 150L! (You can check your limit in your signature options).


Note 2: If you run out of space and want to add more siggies to the queue, simply press the Submit Query button! It will give you more signature slots! ♥
















Step Three: Once you have submitted your signatures, make sure that everything is in order. After you confirm this, you will now want to look up top of the webpage for a link that contains your username. It will end in .gif. Copy this, because this is your new siggie link!













Step Four: Now you want to log into your Fearless-Assassins (or whatever forum you're using) account and go directly to your profile! Edit My Profile. On this screen, on the left hand side, click on the fourth button down that says Signature, To make thing really simple, in the header area, look for the little button that looks like a picture. Click it, paste your link and voila! New rotating siggy! Now you can add any text, center things, and then save.












There you go! You now have a spiffy signature that changes every time you refresh the screen! It has many different uses and keeps things fresh!


:wub:I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy signature hoe-ing! :wub:

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