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I am asked often enough who my favorite band is or what my favorite song is as everyone surely does.  Well this is somewhat of an issue for me, with music, movies, games, hell anything.  I, with any form of art especially, just enjoy what moves me, as anyone does.  Now a lot of the time it is very difficult for me to talk about music and movies with people.  This is because a lot of people don't know what the hell I am talking about or because they don't understand what I mean when I say that I am not really into catchy, poppy things, fads and such, a lot actually.  Which brings me to my point, what better way to expose people to some of my favorite stuff than this feed? 


Exactly, so without further delay I will do just that.  Maybe some of you know some of this stuff, maybe not.  Whatever, hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions just post something, I'm a pretty open dude, although you'll find that some of my taste may be a little obscure.  Of course I didn't make this feed to post music that everybody knows either so yeah.  Live recordings and full albums when possible...

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Primus, obvious Claypool work, starting with their Floyd cover,












Sausage, Les Claypool's first band,


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