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[Solved] I am looking for JAVA Tutorial Books.


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greetings, genius programmers!


i have to learn JAVA programming for some reason. but i suck in programming and dun know anything bout that.


i ve searched for tutorial books. but, well....


we have many java books for extperts in my country but is rare the book for beginners. so i looked into amazon.com


here is the book list i found which i think is for beginners.


1. Oreilly - Head First Java 2nd ED


2. Prentice Hall - Effective Java 2nd ED


3. Prentice Hall - Introduction to Java programming, Comprehensive version 7th ED


4. Wiley - Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies


5. Prentice Hall - Thinking in Java 4th


6. MacgrawHill - Java Demystified


7. Sams - Teach yourself java in 24 hours 5h ED


what do u recommend?


if there is any other book u want to recommend, plz notice me.


i ll appreciate it. thank u again in advance.

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heeeyyyy! U SAVED MY LIFE, GUYs! Thanks a lot , FUN, THUNDER, and Dan!!!



those replys were helpfull to you ?



check this out


vtc.com has video tutorials and sample codes


instructor will explain theory in the begining and then write whole code and explain each and every line


go through these tutorials 3 times atleast


even though there are better guis like eclipse and netbeans

but if you are a beginner then i will recommend using command line first.



if you dont want to pay for it then just get it from rapishare


here is the link




i have about 5 gigs of advanced and intermediate java tutorials


lemme know if you want those- i will put it on rapidshare !! :yahoo

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