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Budapest Objectives


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The main objectives for the map are pretty straight forward,


Allied troops must destroy the bridge, Axis must prevent this from happening,


the bridge supports can be dino'd in several locations but its a bit funky in places where it shows the dyno symbol and can't actually plant there, the best bet is to look for where it says "you are near the west/east bridge support" those places can be planted, there are 5 main spots for each support these are, under the bridge on the grating, just in front of the anchorage points(first part of the greenish chain support just past the lions), at the tops of the chain where it attaches to the brick structure you can go into(front and back) and inside of the brick structure, (-note- tho that planting on top of the brick structure wont blow up the support)


The map may also be set for an additional dyno plant (for 3) on the bridge which can be set in the map script, but right now its set for just two(2) dyno plants to win the map so i wont go into much detail on that yet.


Secondary objectives

besides the obvious (like the cp) the palace area at the top of the hill has a capture flag and associated forward spawn point, the thing to make note of there is that the team doors in the palace area change teams based on who controls the flag (a neat little trick).


elevator generators

there are two elevators that lead from the sewer to the palace area the first connects the allied spawn to the palace area and the second connects the palace to the rest of the sewer system(which goes under the entire map). both of these are optional and not required to complete the main objective (there are also ladder access there) both elevators are team oriented and can be built or destroyed by either team, also covert ops can use the other teams elevator if in disguise as well as all team doors,


sewer gates

there are 3 gates blocking the allied path in the sewers which and be dyno'd, all three have axis team doors built into them. these are also optional and not required to complete the main objective.


bridge defences

axis engies can build the barbwire defense that blocks the road to the bridge this also builds a team door in the trench area near there,


patrol boat

the boat is there for fun with a mounted mg and can be driven by either team



also for fun .. lol ..


Ammo and heath

there are two of these in the map one in the palace area on the side with the first elevator (the cp is on the other side) and another one in the radio hut in the big circular driveway.


trip mines

there are two sets of tripmines in the sewer these will only go off for allied troops so watch out for those if your on the allied team, there is a breakable wall also in the sewer that makes a shortcut to the south gate, these can be disabled in the map script


secrect room

i wont say much about it but there is a secret tunnel that connects the palace to the river with a small car in it that you can ride in


Axis arty roof,

there are arty roof over both axis checkpoint spawns these can also be disabled in the map script.


Id also like to mention that all the models except some of the trees and foliage where either made or modified by me, and enjoy the map, this was mainly built to test out doing stuff like the elevators and team doors as well as the tram cars and some other unique features like the team door in the bridge defences, so i know its not the best map as far a playability goes but feel free to post your feedback in the other tread

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