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OSX 10.7.4


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So I'm currently running Snow Leopard (10.6.7). I'm debating whether or not I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion (10.7.4). A lot of what I read in the comments of the upgrade in the App Store is that Mountain Lion is garbage compared to Snow Leopard.


I am no longer running anything built for a PowerPC processor, so losing Rosetta won't be a problem. I'm more concerned about whether or not everything will run smoothly.


I've heard issues of a lot of web browser crashes with anything other than Safari. I've also heard of some instances of programs randomly not running properly anymore (like Microsoft Office), and even reducing the battery life.


The only reason I'm thinking of the upgrade is that I don't want to get left behind in all of the software updates and such.


Can anyone offer any input? For reference, I'm running a 2010 MacBook Pro.

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Well im on Imac and i've got lion and it runs great, and its smooth for me, and im looking forward to the next version Maverick. I think its worth the money, but one thing that wasnt nice was it took ages to download... but other than that its fine. Oh and it installed fine for me but for others it probably wont install as smooth and might stuff up peoples computer if its too old. Hope this has helped.    

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My work computer is a mid-2012 MBP that's running ML (10.8.3). It's been completely fine other than some oddball wireless I have with my home network. It stays connected but after several minutes, data just stops transmitting. Haven't looked into it much but the only quick fix I know is to flip Airport off/on. They just released 10.8.4 a few days ago which I'll check out to see if it fixes it.

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I am running it, on a Virtual Machine on my PC so not sure it's a full test but runs fine for me, no crashes or anything noticeable yet and runs fast..

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