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EvacZone community for DirtyBomb


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I am sure you all probably cant wait for the DirtyBomb to come out so I Am introducting you to the EvacZone community for DirtyBomb. It will be like http://clanbase.ggl.com/news.php and http://www.gamestv.org/ for ET when the game is released.


EvacZone is still implementing many features that will help the user base of the game be able to find a team and for teams to find a game. They are also trying to provide the community with a live stream page where you can catch all the game being played once released.


Founder of EvacZone Community is potty from UK, popular ET/RTCW player!

So if you are planing to have your own team to do wars with or as we call it now in ET: Officals, EvacZone is the right place to sign up!


SITE LINK: http://www.evaczone.org/home

More information at the EvacZone website itself!



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he was always alive, he just didnt play et so much lately. we scrimed 3o3 bout 2 weeks ago tho and he raged lol. he was like why would you drag me into this shit game.

thats potty haha

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