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Pushing and counter-pushing

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Except for cases where both teams are holding/maintaining their territory, for example, when teams each own half the map and no ground is given up or taken (much) throughout the game- then what I notice is that we have a game of chase the other team's tail. It doesn't have anything to do with team strength or talent. 


Team A will successfully push into Team B's territory. B will retreat into other areas of the map. This results in a circular line of pushing and retreating as teams move into adjacent corners of the map. For the most part, both teams are moving in the same direction: clockwise or counter clockwise. Team A pushes B into the next corner, B moves there to retreat and also to chase A's tail out of the other corner it once occupied.   So we have circular swirl, of sorts. (Seinfeld would smile at this).


I believe that a successful team (indicated by winning the game) will know when to stop pushing in one direction, and switch directions. Switching directions quickly will allow the team to get to the corner/area of map that the other team is headed Towards (as a result of the pushing/retreating line of movement. 


If the two teams have been traveling in a circular motion around the map (spawn points have been moving predictably) then it is easy to predict where the other team will head. So stop pushing, change direction and get to that area first.


It requires paying attention to UAV and seeing what areas of the map have no players. Get to those open spaces to set up ambushes or flank the other team. 



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You know the other doay on Beginners i noticed this on a couple of maps.  I decided instead of running and not catching anyone base on their spawn at time of a UAV.  I just backed up found cover and watched their spawn spot come to me.  I was amazed ow many, witin just a few seconds started spawning and runnning my way.  I killed quite a few before they got me, but I was able to do this again later in the same map and had the same results.   

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I try to do this frequently. District is an awesome map for uav showing where players aren't running to and lots of ambush spots.

District is exactly what I was thinking of. Strike also. Pipeline is pretty good for it too. Although I hate pipeline. And it comes up in the rotation twice. groan.

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Indeed, I make a point to capitalize on this very action myself, regularly. Unless I'm feelin lazy. -_-

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