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The polynomial - Space of Music (GREAT game...)


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So cruising through steam tonight I came across this game called the Polynomial, and watched a small video about it. I decided to pick it up because it was only 6.99 on Steam.


Best purchase I've ever made on Steam, in my opinion!


Polynomial is a semi free roam space shooter that plays to music. Fractals are randomly generated based on your own settings, and the colors can be bright and lively, or dull, as you so choose. You can set the various nebulas/fractal to move to the beat of your music, or the melody. You can change the luminosity, the vibration, or whatever you so choose. Also, something I found out through testing... the slide bars the game offers.. are not the limits. You can click the little boxes where the numbers are and change them to any values you so choose. Most of the fractal work is based off of math. (Education ftw!)


The other nifty thing about this game is if you're not in the mood to play, you can set the difficulty to none, to remove the enemies. This way you can listen to music and watch the pretty colors. :D


Apparently you can also CREATE your own fractals to mess with... I haven't gotten that far into it, but from what I can see, there are a lot of options to customize the game as to how you want to experience it. :D


It's a great time waster with amazing visuals, and the beautiful thing is that you can play it with your own music. Already addicted to this game!


EDIT: Here's a site to read up on the things you can do, as well as many nice screenshots! : http://dmytry.com/games/


Here's a couple videos of the game if you want to see. It's on steam atm for only $6.99!







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Yeah, I considered it when it was -75% during the steam sales.


Eventually I didn't buy it (spend enough XD).

Will pick it up next time it's reduced in price.

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