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Best ET moment?


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I was going to make this a tips thread, but figured hell with it. I'll just post my best ET moment.


About 6 years ago I was part of WTF! clan, and we had a BIG scrimmage against a clan that I don't remember the name of. Map was Siwa Oasis, and it was ETpro, no double jump, with pretty much stock settings. Teams were 10-10, with stopwatch. My team started out on allies, which can be pretty hard if you got a good team on axis that plays good team defense. Either way my team kinda decided that we'll do something different. We sent 9 guys to just kill and distract their team, and in the meantime I would try to sneak on top of the original axis spawn, and try to jump wall so I could get to the guns. There were no rules against it, as pretty much anything goes. I tried about 4 times to run on top, and was killed each time. 5th time I made it over to the wall, and actually make the jump on the first try. Anyone who has tried this jump without double jump knows how hard it can be. Especially when you're really into it, and the adrenaline is going. Anyways, I made it over, and ran into the compound. We had a 40 mine limit actually, with pretty quick recharge. Spawn protection was like 3 seconds, so if you instantly ran out of spawn you wouldn't make it to far before your protection ran out. Either way, I planted about 25 mines RIGHT outside the axis spawn and the stairs leading up into the compound, and the other 15 on the way to the north guns, and then on the way to the south guns. Needless to say I assumed most of them would try to run up the stairs to avoid the mines because I had played on their servers before, and they often had guys try that.


Planted ALL the mines, went and planted dyno on the back side of the guns so it wouldn't actually blow the guns, but would blow up halfway through the timer of the actual dyno that would blow the gun just in case someone made it there to defuse. RIGHT when I was going to plant dyno on the North to blow gun, one of the opposing clan members asked if I was AFK, since they hadn't killed me in over 10 min. Our teammates just ignored them, but apparently on their private VENT, they went 'ohhhh shit' right when I planted at the north, KNOWING I had gotten over the wall to the guns. I planted at north, ran to south and planted there, and none of their engies had a chance. The mines killed all but the last one, and even if I wasn't at south, he couldn't have gotten there in time.


Needless to say I was pretty pumped after that. Best damn map win ever. And a pretty big deal too, because 6 years ago ET was pretty competitive from clan to clan, and we had some pretty big fights going with other clans.


The only reason I remembered was because the other day on Oasis, me and one of my teammates did the same thing, only he got a uni for me to go through the doors on the top right. I planted the mines too, and he saved my ass by knifing their two engies right when they were going to defuse the last dyno.


Pretty damn cool.


Another one I remember was about 3 years ago when I always played on the ABC servers. Apparently on Jaymod, if you're a covert ops, and you take a uni from an opposing player, you can THEN take a uni from your OWN player, and depending on what class that player is, you'll then be THAT class except still in uniform for the opposing team. Well, only me and a couple players knew that, so on Fuel Dump me and my buddy pulled it off. Got all the way into the dump, and planted. The other team had no freakin' clue. They were pissed off with me because I ran and fixed the east side first so they couldn't get in. One of their engies was swearing at me in chat telling me to stop repairing the East side and to leave it open. I finished repairing it, and ran inside the building into the dump and planted. Afterwards when I told him on chat what had happened he laughed pretty hard. That was pretty cool too.

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