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Minecraft MCX360 Updates, Scrolls Alpha Arriving Soon

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MCX360 Updates On the Horizon

4J Studios reports that the 1.7.3 Update for MCX360 is going into Microsoft Cert Test today! It can take up to 10 days for this testing to be completed; once this process is done, the game should update normally. There are a number of exciting changes on the horizon for this latest iteration of the popular console sandbox title, up to and including - drumroll, please - custom skins!

Yes, it will soon be possible to be more than just a different flavor of Steve - new skins include: Creeper Man, 'Splosion Man, Trials Man, Covenant Grunt, and King! Of course, other skins will be available (40 total!), with even more to come later on; this is just a sampling of what's on offer.

I personally plan to walk around as a creeper all day. It's strangely fitting, given my penchant for explosions.

Scrolls Alpha Launching Soon?

Scrolls has been in development for some time, and CCG fans are clamoring to get their hands on it! How soon is "soon", though? How about tomorrow?Jakob Porser - lead developer for Scrolls - recently revealed that the Scrolls Alpha might be available as early as tomorrow, July 4th! Want to know more about the newest addition to the Mojang game library? If so, you're in luck - we had an exciting opportunity to interview Jakob about Scrolls in depth! What sort of features can be expected in the game? What is the setting lore like? How do the mechanics, deck building and combat work? You can see the full interview on the new, official Scrolls forum! Just click the link below for all things Scrolls, we can't wait to see you there!

Scrolls Fans - click here!


League of Legends Fan?

Do you play (or follow) League of Legends? Check out our LoL events - we evict the CEO from his home to get some practice in for the PAX Prime qualifier, and make preparations to stream the entire event! Want to know more? Click this link for details!


Digital Diamond - The Arcan Chronicles

Meet Kael, a twelve year old boy from the capital city of Halcylon. Sent off to spend the summer with a distant uncle, he arrives in Woodvale expecting only boredom but is instead sent flying into a fast-paced adventure with new found friends and foes. And so, it begins...


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