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UFC 148 Predictions


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Anyone here watch UFC? If so what are your predictions for tomorrow fight? I see Spider Silva defeating Sonnen via KO or submission. I know Sonnen dominated in their last fight but Silva wasn't accustomed to being taken down much and with Sonnen's wrestling background it would be a hard fight for Silva. Now that Silva has a better outlook on what's going to happen in the fight, I'm sure he's prepared to knock Sonnen out not to mention Sonnen has been talking smack back and forth.


In Sonnen's last fight with Michael Bisping, his stand up was horrible and if he fights like that tomorrow Silva's got this in the bag. What do you guys think? :)

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I believe Silva was bit too over confident coming to the last fight. The over confidence, slash looking bit unmotived, was the combination that we saw in that fight. After all, Silva hasn't really been tested in a long time, if we don't look at the fight against Sonnen.


Sonnens fighting style should suit Silva, after all, Silva likes/ is a counter styler who waits for the openings, when he is at his best game. Sonnens style is hard for normal counter stylers because of his ultra rapid speed so the openings are there, but only for such a short periods of time and while you try to counter you have to take Sonnens constant attacks. There aren't many who can simulate Sonnen style it is so demanding, so even though everyone knows it, it still comes as a suprise.


The problem with Sonnens style is that the constant attack leaves unevitably openings to capitalize on. Would be a miracle if Silva can't find big enough oepning to win with a submission, Sonnen weakness is and has always been triangles and armbars. He always pushes his hands too far forward while he is in top position. Can't see Sonnen being defeated with k/o, he is too determined and has never been really knocked out before.


Silva wins with a submission

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