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FA- guildwars?

x charmander x

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Hey, I've been getting back into guildwars lately, and over the forums I've noticed alot of similair games that people play, and was wondering if anyone might want to create a guild+ally guild for the FA community that play guildwars?



This is just a thought, and I would appreciate some feedback on this, thanks guys! :D



Im willing to take charge of the guild, and was going to be a PVE based, mainly title hunting perhaps? but I would also like to be able to do some speedclears with some new buds I hope to make from this Community




Thanks for reading this post :D hope everyone is doing alright and having a great summer.

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that would be good but i dont think that a lot of community's members play GW (maybe i'm wrong).


And since that the launch date of Guild Wars 2 has been set to the 8-28-12, I suppose that a part of them will play to it.


it's possible that after 1 Month members of the guild will be inactive or leave the guild to play to gw2 and i dont think that is what you want.

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Eh I have a differnt feeling about this, So many people dumped over $120 USD, im not sure how much euros this would be, to get all the expansion packs for guildwars1, I still believe its going to up and running for those who dont wish to get the new guildwars for a few months due to glitching and bugs, thats how i feel about this,

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