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O.F. : Dragon Rising


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Curious as to if any of you will be starting an Operation Flashpoint Clan, or if =F|A= is going to leave it alone. No matter, hit me up if you play. I'm always down for some realistic combat.

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Might be getting it, looks good but ill get modern warfare 2 first.


Well, multiplayer sucks... So be warned. tons of lag. As for MW2, I am loving it. Alot of people including ths clan here have been boycotting it, but I went ahead and gave it a try. turns out to be a great game, I haven't had any problems with lag like everyone was saying would happen. Games connect very speedily, only b*** I have about it, is not having the ability to "lean" around corners. But oh well, I played battlefield and every other shooter since Doom/Wolfensteing/Duke Nukem days. I'm and oldschool gamer, that's usually pretty picky about my games, and MW2 has impressed me. I'd recommend you get it before Operation Flashpoint. Operation Flashpoint was something I was really looking forward to, I loved the first one they put out, back whenever that was. Pitty it was so disappointing. Hit me back up after you get MW2, so we can Coop or just hook-up for some death match or something.

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