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Real name: Ivan

Nickname: ape

Your age: 16

Country you live in: netherlands/russia

Hobbys/Interests: soccer, beer, girls, ET

Pets: 1 cat


Fav. Game(s): ET

Fav. music band(s): Simon & Garfunkel

Fav. movie(s): prisonbreak

Fav. anime movie(s)/cartoon(s): Tom & Jerry

Life dream: Have a nice life

What you like: NQ

What you don´t like: cheats


PC info: Acer

Player history in Enemy Territory (ET): 3-4 years now

Fav. ET class/weapon(s) medic/mp40 medic

Fav. ET map(s) goldrush, the house, frostbite , baserace desert


More info:


My english is not that good <_< And I only play NQ servers.



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