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The halloween event


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Introduction: ET-event version 2.55


Ladies and gentlemen!


I’m from the organization team of Spartan clan and would like to invite you all to the Halloween event!

This thread will give u guys/girls more info about the event.




The event start the 31th of October at 17u00 or 10 pm and ends the 8th of November at 23u59 or 4.59 am.


During that time there will be some designchanges on the server.

However there will be some special days with special activities.


Special days




The computation is in 2 days. Dates: 6th and 7th November.

It will be allies vs axis.

But the different clans will need to work together.


2th till 5th November Clans are invited to download and train on our Spartan Halloween settings.

Also other clans who are not in the computation will be invited.



6th of November

Computation starts on 18u or 11 pm

I need to exact number of players who will be there.

The limit= 6


Who signed up:


7th of November

Computation starts on 20u00 or 1am

I need to exact number of players who will be there.

The limit = 6


Who signed up:


Note: If you say you will come, you come.

We do not tolerate that people aren’t there when they said they would be there.

Be sure you sign up if you want to play, because otherwise you can’t play on the sever cus it would be full. Btw time is in GMT+1 and in GMT-6


Thank you and we, the organizing team, hope u have a good time!


Joske, 7killer, Chaos and Tec

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thats interesting its like a scrim sadly i cant go :(:( but dude you NEED to bring hester there, dude he will dominate lol

oh and yoyo, and joedirt, if you can then rainier that would be slauter team


Scrimmember or not , everyone is welcome as long as there are places.

Sign up can till the 25tth!

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Its sad this great day isnt so known in finland as it should be. I personally like by Halloween alot.


We are celebrating my friend's birthday at that day, and we are going to make up our faces with Black Metal style. (maybe we will scare some old grannies with those, muahahaha! nah, j/k) :D

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