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Quake 3


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wazzzup ... i was wandering ... if is posible can u make also some clan servers for quake 3 xDD cuz i used to play these game alot and are lots of players and i think we can have more members ..idk

tx for understanding

cya :)


srry i posted wrong damm ...!slap cimpy :(

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Quake 3 Arena was a pretty awesome game but I only played the freeware version with the standard 4 map rotation. Once I got Q3A retail and logged into some of the full servers, there was no one ever on playing anymore except for bots.


This was about 2 yrs ago and if that's changed, well, I'm surprised. Otherwise, it would probably be pointless to host a Q3 server at this point.


On another note, how I miss the old QuakeWorld days... :(

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Hhahahahahaaahaha quake 3:) That was first game i ever played i thing.When it came out i didn't even have internet and we were playing at 1 computer bar every weekend for whole day:D Like 20 friends came there and we were pwning each other:D

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